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The Rattler Publishing, Gemini, Shunya Limited Summit Event

The previous year for Melanated Community Radio has been trying time for Rattler Publishing and it subsidiaries. The annual Rattler Publishing Summit in Montreal Canada, which includes, Gemini and Shunya Limited evecutives, proved somewhat trying for the co-owners Nasrene Muhammad and David Rattler.
Two day into the summit David started to show signs of fatigue and at time appeared distant; while Nasrene also appeared as if climbing a steep hill if not a mountain.
Ursula Turray President of Rattler Publishing slammed the MCR Admin and Executives as causing a stall of forward motions and issued a proclamation which included a lock-step check and balance system. She also slammed MCR executives for not maintaining the MCR matrix set forth by the agreement between Rattler Publishing and Gemini.
Tammi Herenichi President of Gemini Corporation also weight in on failure of MCR to maintain the spirit of forward motion set forth by the agreement.
William Malisett  Executive Officer gave a excellent preview of the MCR studio and editing MCR programs. But added as new host come on board the need for The E-Learning Center has dramatically increased and that should be the first major project of Rattler Publishing, Gemini, and Shunya Limited. William also stated the contracts between Rattler Publishing and book publishing authors should reflect more of the overall purpose of the Rattler Publishing, the laws of operation and is the matrix, and a policy should be composed that places the company back on track of its original purpose and constitution.
Stephan Crichton Chief Operations Officer  of Rattler Publishing gave an impressive outlook into the forward motion of Rattler Publishing and offered an expansion into the publication services and advertising on the MCR network which could lead the company into profitable markets of the publication and distribution avenues, but Stephen also warned the market for print material such as books is swanking rapidly adn if Rattler Publishing is to more forward to proceed with caution.
Maha Adebowale  Chief Operations Officer of Gemini Corporation gave outlooks regarding Gemini's involvement with the MCR project and the accountability cost of maintaining MCR servers and the shared border tax with Rattler Publishing. She said she didn't see forward motion in the spirit of Melanated Community Radio but at least there is an intent. (More about Gemini can be found of Gemini's blog)
At the close of the week long summit
Nasrene Muhammad co-owner Rattler Publishing and Gemini Corporation spoke in the spirit of Rattler Publishing and Gemini, Nasrene did not refute or offer a rebuttal to anything mentioned on the floor, but said all things mentioned will be considered in the coming weeks.
David Rattler co-owner  Rattler Publishing and Gemini Corporation spoke briefly of the the past years trails and obstacles but failed to offer a favorable outlook to the following year, instead saying "we've always known the night demons wish our demise; but even now shining through the darkness of this night the dawn awaits."
Anujia Hatal  co-owner of Shunya Limited did not take the floor but chose to meet privately with Business partner David Rattler during the month long vacation.
Going into 2019 is going to be interesting to say the least, with the world almost at the brink of destruction and melanated people still not grasping the importance of unification the concept of MCR is even more difficult.          

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