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The race to years end

 April marks the close of the year for both Rattler Publishing and Gemini, and the push is on, and to add to the congestion the close of Melanated Community Radio is in July. While the Project Manager (MCR) and CEO (Rattler Publishing) and I are out of town on business, we've kept in touch via Gemini/Rattler Publishing platforms, but it's left a physical void in the hectic work place.
In the Saturday meeting, Nasrene discussed eliminating the drop box incoming media for MCR she stated "It's confusing because drop box gives you the offer to share the senders account; which, slows down studio editing. A direct upload to the MCR Studio cloud server would be more efficient."
Ursula suggested concerns of the forwardness of MCR Projects but only called it a period of bad weather, but however, expressed concerns of a coming storm.
Stephen also appeared concern over latest developments in the political climate and the effects of marketing across international boundaries, but did say MCR-Status are continuing to grow.
William voice an opinion of ads for programs and that a positive matrix need to be developed as to not overload the studio staff during regular programming and creative design times.
Gemini (CEO) did no offer any additional specials for the upcoming year but did say they would work closely with Najia Group and Shunya Limited to help improve the flow.
Rattler Publishing also did not announce any new project on their corporate calendar, but David did say the MCR calendar would be place back on the server to better schedule staff meetings and bridge gaps of communication between Rattler Publishing and the expanding MCR station Executives , managers and host. He also stated that the new site, which contains portals would be up within two weeks, which should ease the flow and increase the efficiency of oncoming host. "There is no reason we have to babysit individuals in the digital age; let get it together, we'll all adults with critical thinking skills."
The Global Community is still undergoing renovations but is expected to be up and running by Summer or at the start of the new year.            

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