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Big Changes for MCR

Last night I spoke to David regarding the upcoming changes that could effect Melanated Community Radio. I informed me the changes will enhance the performance of the site and that they are again looking at the E-Learning Center as being on the MCR servers. since the server has been cleared of debris. They are also looking at direct server uploads for MCR Programs but at this time they are unsure if there is enough space on the server to maintain constant growth as MCR expands.
In the Saturday meeting Ursula discussed the idea of bring the new host into the folds, but that would depend on Ms. Reyes' outlook and evaluation of improvements.
The new site is up and running. It's larger than first intended but hopefully it'll remain for at least a year before having to redesign and re-upload.
We're still looking at having a secure login page for Station Managers and Host this would serve as a portal for uploads and inter-office messages.
Nasrene informed us that sometime remote servers will not send an emails to another email portal. Meaning if the sending the address is and the receiving address is Rattler sometimes remote servers will not deliver the email across different networks, but stated that's something to watch closely in the future.
Also the global community will be up and running by April   

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