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The Saturday Meeting New Ideas Egnite a Backlash

Things are heated on the Rattler Publishing Floor. Nasrene Muhammad introduced the plan for FTP Server uploads in the near future which is more secure than dropbox submissions. But Nasrene has two very powerful opposites on the subject. Both David and Ursula objected to the notion sighting too complex and over crowding of MCR Studio.
David's argument is that submission is plagued by technicalities now and if you add such complex matrix your asking for disaster and a major crash, not the mention the cost.   
Ursula's argument is that it would be harder to maintain due to the fact MCR-Caribbean has been slow on presenting a complete operational policy and this is a bridge too far.
Nasrene rebutted with a reminder of the intended facebook and other social media hacks and that FTP server up loads would be much more secure.
David said I like my headache's one at a time please
Ursula stated your asking for trouble on a biblical scale.
David sited your talking about something that will be appalling in reality for a number of reasons.FTP upload would require individuals to has a sense of electronic operations regarding servers and that he don't believe it can be achieved for the fact that each turn will present more difficult challenges.
But Nasrene will not be beating so easily and returned with a warning, you and I both know the enemies of both Rattler Publishing and Gemini will not stop trying to gain access to sensitive information regarding the MCR Project and a strong united front will not suffice; especially, since the only thing they understand is total annihilation.
Both David and Ursula are no stranger to bloody battles, but both also argued as to what steps the companies should take avoiding maximum risk. (In other words risk management assessment) and how difficult would it be to achieve.
By policy they have three months to reach an agreement, but if they deadlock they're going to dump it off on me to make the deciding ruling. This is going to be a very interesting road.      

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