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And the battle continues on the Rattler Publishing Floor

The battle still rages over secure server uploads. Nasrene is adamant about moving MCR into the future with a direct connection to the MCR studio and although her ideas are good David and Ursula are still her biggest opposition.
William invites the idea because it means he want have to search for files in dropbox which according to him is becoming more difficult to access and sometimes he can't transfer files due to the fact that the studio has gotten several invites in the past to share a box which means box sharing the host's box is a violation of studio policy and the studio can not pull files from a shared outside portal its security portal.
Stephen is in favor but is hesitant to give a vote until 98% of the possibilities of disasters are addressed and possible solutions are entertained.
David and Ursula are still objecting to the idea. David sited MCR Executives must push policy and the history of that dictates impending doom due to the fact its not stable ground. 'Only a dreamer builds a house because of the view and disregards the quicksand underneath."
But Nasrene again would not go down easy and argued "That's what we are dreamers. We dreamed of a unified melanated nation and have laid a solid foundation and it is unwise not to expand on it."
Ursula again returned with "But given the uncertainty of the climate dreams quickly turn to nightmares and let us not forget the intended sabotage of MCR by a Station Manager with a known Jamaican stream ripper.She also sited in the past how Station Managers, despite several emails about the chain of command of MCR has never followed it and how to keep the project a flout David would answer questions and forward email to their proper place wasting valuable time away from other functions of Rattler Publishing, Gemini and Shunya," and he battle rages on and I predict it will for a while.
The upload system would ease the dropbox tension and the reason Nasrene is pushing so hard is because Adobe is cancelling their website development tool Muse in 2021 which would make William and David both have to write code to create and maintain not only the site, but secure logins and the internal data bases for those applications; which, given the workload of both David and Will might be a step too far unless changes can be worked out regarding email placement and chain of command.  
William brought an ideas to the floor about the upcoming third anniversary of MCR it would be nice if we could get all the executives and host together for a special edition program.
the crew seemed to like the idea but David is on the fence, although he never voiced his objection it the expression on his face was he's not there with the idea yet.
The new an improved global community along with several other MCR applications are still in the development stages    

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