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Last Saturday Nasrene Muhammad was challenged by Ursula and David on the new direction of Melanated Community Radio, but this week Nasrene came back with an even bolder idea. The new concepts is to allow host to interview direct communication without the use of third party apps. This would be revolutionary and would decrease the connectivity issues occurring with third party apps. The bata testing of this will begin in the autumn of 2019 and an expected lunch date is set for spring of 2020. This will cause a redesign of the MCR Website and different functionalities which Gemini hopes will improve the efficiency of the way  host communicate with guess on programs. It will also better enable Station Managers and Executives to hold meetings with the hassle of third party apps.
This motion stopped David and Ursula in their tracks because they both are attracted to the idea of communication between stations be more efficient as the project expands.
Nasrene did say that more studies will have to be made as she expects to present a complete plan on the Rattler Publishing debut floor in the coming months.
Construction of the new MCR site will be began this summer and hopefully launch in autumn. She did say somethings will have to be eliminated from the site but this will allow for better functionality of the overall site. "We'll have the ability to build on this technology with not only advance internal and external securities but station efficiencies from host interviews to staff meeting with both audio and video capabilities." was her final words as the meeting closed.
Nasrene would not go into specific details about the project but has captured David and Ursula's attention. Tammi Herenichi of Gemini did say "developers has been working on the next advance of the MCR project. Secure communication that's exclusive between the MCR studio, Host, Guess, Managers and Excutives would push to the next evolution of MCR"
With those words Tammi is lending Gemini's support in favor of Nasrene and idea of making all things MCR exclusive MCR from star to finish.
Under Rattler Publishing's laws and bylaws of operation Ursula and David must challenge the proposal not to kill it but to reveal the flaws that maybe it's Achilles heel. It's an exciting time here in the Queen City       

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