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A turn of events in the Saturday Meeting

Saturday morning David Rattler CEO of Rattler Publishing took to the floor, not with an objection to Gemini discontinuing the discounts offered to first time Melanated People and Business', but he took a different avenue and doubled down on collective thought regarding cultural values and bridging gaps between Aboriginal Natives and their sovereignty and the African Nations and their Sovereignty.
Throughout the meeting David held firm of the continuation of Rattler Publishing Philosophical Matrix of by us for only us. He compared the effects of colonization of Africans to that of the Aboriginal Natives and how whites have attempted to destroy that sovereignty with white ideologies and politics. "But now is the time st stand, as one people with one voice and to take back what's our by any mean necessary and if white blood must flow to the sewers like falling rain so be it."
After he speech the room was silent we all knew the approval of the next evolution had been approved by the seven sovereign nations.
Ursula Turray President of Rattler Publishing signaled Settie Ali of Rattler Publishing ground security to immediately raised the threat-con to Alpha.
Tammi Herenichi which was supposed to give a report that should have justified why Gemini decided to pull out the agreement of providing discounts to first time subscribers avoided the floor during the meeting. Tammi later informed Rattler Publishing admin that Gemini had reconsidered it position and would continue to provide the discounts and Susan would provide a list of requirements no later than Wednesday for Ursula and David to review and either agree or negotiate the terms.
David also moved into the next phase of MCR Programming content. This new phase will feature lectures and speeches by individuals driven by the same ideas of preserving culture and ways of life of Melanated People. This exerts will be part of the programming matrix and is to began immediately.
Shortly afterwards David and his entourage left the building. I spoke to him later on that night at dinner. It was a meeting of the minds. But it wasn't until is said "Its time for the tree to connect back to the root of it origins by any mean necessary." that I understood his position and his direction of the subject.             

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