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In the Saturday Meeting

The Saturday morning was exciting when William and David unveiled the prototype of the new MCR website. although the site is small it has more functionality and more security. The site will be monitored by Gemini 24/7 Security team. They are planning to have a portal for host to upload program directly to the MCR-Studio, a calendar for staff and down loadable form for cultural music, but, the most exciting about this project is the five year plan to include the global community as part of the matrix. This idea will be met with opposition as Ursula is sure to challenge the overall operational plan of adding The Global Community to the same package. The only other option is to have it as a link to a sub-domain which will levy a cost to Rattler Publishing and Gemini.
Cultural Arts will be included in the package, but the form will be only a request bases. This is to maintain security and to endure we're promoting the artistry of Melanated Artist, and authors.
MCR-Caribbean was another focus of the meeting. Nasrene expressed a concern there isn't must appearing on the radar as far as cultural arts and that a plan is need to revise the Caribbean Cultural Arts program.
Rattler Publishing is moving toward the next evolution in its plan to boost the existing polices to move forward in the publishing markets. David expressed concern of possible slow downs and overall security of the process. Susan Miller who representative of the Vice President office, assured David that Gemini was doing everything possible to detect incoming security threats and the Gemini security team si continuously meeting each challenge with advance next generation technologies.
The site is expected to be complete and fully functional by the third anniversary of Melanated Community Radio.      

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