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In the Saturday Meeting

And the turn of events continues on the Rattler Publishing floor. This morning David Rattler CEO of Rattler Publishing laid out a synopsis of MCR forward motion which did include direct server uploads and scheduling collision avoidance. "We must develop the process' which provides the flexibility required for the dynamics of that motion." is only one of the profound things said as he laid out his plan.
Of course Ursula objected to certain aspect of the plan. "Not many of our people are tech savvy and that could prove to be problematic in that process."
And David responded, "They got to meet us half way; if their down for the last ride."
With those words the room went silent. We all know he meant that if we as melanated nations are to rise in unity, we must embrace an emerging world through the doors of logic; which, includes unfamiliar technologies and new philosophies.
But I'm sure the battle of intellectual jousting between David and Ursula will continue throughout the process as it has throughout their 20 yr relationship.

In other news I meet with David to discuss promoting the correct the name of our company Shunya Limited and he replied I thought we were. So from now on we will not use the easier English pronunciation but instead the Sanskirt version "Śūnyatā.  I can understand him not knowing that the promoting of the actual pronunciation of the name had slipped from the original. Sometime when your apart of something on the admin side you become out of touch with small things. I'm sure in the back of his mind he know, but it took a backseat ride against more important operational matrix.
MCR-Caribbean is growing and as it become increasingly larger in scoop, new policies must be employed by its executive to meet the growing demands.
Now is the time to make a giant leap forward while the wind is at your back.       

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