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The Council of the Seven Sovereign Nations

Yesterday David Rattler CEO of Rattler Publishing, V.P of Gemini was ask a question regarding the fate of Melanated People. His speech was direct and to the point. And although; I can't write everything  he said in a blog post, here is a small potion of that speech.
             "It's always amazes me how the life of  Melanated Men can be reduces to a teardrop that never falls from eyes wide shut. But it happens more often than not. Widows and fatherless children keep time like muffled drums following Black Hearse's to graves. '
               Angry young fatherless warriors now rushing toward rage but failing to remember the words of the Shaman's  time my young brave is eroding the hidden places and revealing the reach of the pale hands of our enemies. Our young warriors however, must still understand that in order to journey to a brighter future, old tactics that has not yield solutions in the past will offer none in the future. The perspective of enemies must change the words of the Great Zulu King, Shaka ksSenzangakhona 'Never leave an enemy to rise' must be employed"
As we left the building members rose to their feet in applauds.  The entire speech painted a dark reality of the one true enemies of all people of color. 

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