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New and Exciting Platforms coming to MCR

In the Saturday meeting David expressed an interest to expand the MCR platform matrix and later after speaking to MS. Reyes of Senior Director of  MCR-Caribbean they came up with an legendary idea. Ms. Reyes will launch The Story Teller's Lair-Caribbean this coming Thursday along with several up coming programs.
After the conversation I spoke to both David and Ursula and they are on board with Ms, Reyes' idea of a book club. Details have not been worked out yet but we are excited about the idea.
To my best guess the book club would be like The Story Teller's Lair; a platform, that could accommodate several host from several different countries uniquely expressing their own cultural identities.
I'm not sure who's going to write the proposal for the new platform but it seems MCR is making steps in the right direction for unification of Melanated People.
We're keeping our fingers crossed and wishing them much success on the project     



This morning in the Rattler Publishing Meeting, cheers erupted when Tammi Herenichi President of The Gemini Corporation announced there has been a break through and a major radio provider will be coming to the Gemini platform. She congratulated David Rattler on his hard work and his relentlessness to make it possible. As agreements are finalized Melanated Community Radio will gain an enormous leap into the future. The plan will allow for infinite up scaling which is needed for Rattler Publishing global conquest of unity of Melanated People. The plan will include the virtual studio and call in numbers for live shows, greater server uploads and anti-collision technology which will warn station managers and host authorized to upload about tracks already programmed.
This is a major break through for MCR and with the Gemini team monitoring the stream and providing 24/7 security for the stream its expected to reduce the amount of problematic server relays that MCR currently deals with. With this new development Rattler Publishing will now be able to offer existing and oncoming host, station managers, and executives directors more flexibility in program creations,  live radio, outsourced  content relays and direct connect with the MCR studio and MCR Global Servers. Final talks and details will be discussed when David (CEO of Rattler Publishing) and Ursula Turray (President of Rattler Publishing) return to the Queen City later this month. We keeping our fingers crossed these new developments of Project Conquest will meet the extremely high standards of the Rattler Publishing Matrix.     


On the Rattler Publishing Floor/The Saturday Meeting

Saturday David and Ursula join the meeting by skype as they are out of town. The topic on the floor was the progression of Melanated Community Radio and MCR-Caribbean. Rattler Publishing and its partners are looking to expand the reach of MCR back into Africa and the Polynesian Triangle. They're fully aware that it'll be a slow process but they are confident the goals can be meet as more people of colour become awakened to the true nature of who they're enemies really are and the effect white concepts are enforced on Melanated People globally.
Rattler Publishing with the help of Malisett Graphics are creating a new site build from the ground up which will give them more control over the functionality of the site.
Since the attack by Facebook on the MCR Servers Gemini has tighten the cyber security of the site and the MCR Servers. Tammi Herenichi gave an updated report of the operational matrix of the station and the security policies regarding the forward motion of the project.
We are excited about the new developments that has presented itself surrounding Melanated Community Radio. 


The new Look of RPG

Seti Ali released the new look of RPG Elite this afternoon. He said they choose the Naja Snake because of the animals  intelligence and deadly accuracy. He gain approval from Rattler Publishing hierarchy, and the patch should be placed into production for all the members soon


2020 on the Rattler Publishing Floor

This Saturday meeting brought MCR too the next evolutionary phase of it's existence. The command staff is tightening the policy of oper...