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This morning in the Rattler Publishing Meeting, cheers erupted when Tammi Herenichi President of The Gemini Corporation announced there has been a break through and a major radio provider will be coming to the Gemini platform. She congratulated David Rattler on his hard work and his relentlessness to make it possible. As agreements are finalized Melanated Community Radio will gain an enormous leap into the future. The plan will allow for infinite up scaling which is needed for Rattler Publishing global conquest of unity of Melanated People. The plan will include the virtual studio and call in numbers for live shows, greater server uploads and anti-collision technology which will warn station managers and host authorized to upload about tracks already programmed.
This is a major break through for MCR and with the Gemini team monitoring the stream and providing 24/7 security for the stream its expected to reduce the amount of problematic server relays that MCR currently deals with. With this new development Rattler Publishing will now be able to offer existing and oncoming host, station managers, and executives directors more flexibility in program creations,  live radio, outsourced  content relays and direct connect with the MCR studio and MCR Global Servers. Final talks and details will be discussed when David (CEO of Rattler Publishing) and Ursula Turray (President of Rattler Publishing) return to the Queen City later this month. We keeping our fingers crossed these new developments of Project Conquest will meet the extremely high standards of the Rattler Publishing Matrix.     

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