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New and Exciting Platforms coming to MCR

In the Saturday meeting David expressed an interest to expand the MCR platform matrix and later after speaking to MS. Reyes of Senior Director of  MCR-Caribbean they came up with an legendary idea. Ms. Reyes will launch The Story Teller's Lair-Caribbean this coming Thursday along with several up coming programs.
After the conversation I spoke to both David and Ursula and they are on board with Ms, Reyes' idea of a book club. Details have not been worked out yet but we are excited about the idea.
To my best guess the book club would be like The Story Teller's Lair; a platform, that could accommodate several host from several different countries uniquely expressing their own cultural identities.
I'm not sure who's going to write the proposal for the new platform but it seems MCR is making steps in the right direction for unification of Melanated People.
We're keeping our fingers crossed and wishing them much success on the project     

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