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On the Rattler Publishing Floor/The Saturday Meeting

Saturday David and Ursula join the meeting by skype as they are out of town. The topic on the floor was the progression of Melanated Community Radio and MCR-Caribbean. Rattler Publishing and its partners are looking to expand the reach of MCR back into Africa and the Polynesian Triangle. They're fully aware that it'll be a slow process but they are confident the goals can be meet as more people of colour become awakened to the true nature of who they're enemies really are and the effect white concepts are enforced on Melanated People globally.
Rattler Publishing with the help of Malisett Graphics are creating a new site build from the ground up which will give them more control over the functionality of the site.
Since the attack by Facebook on the MCR Servers Gemini has tighten the cyber security of the site and the MCR Servers. Tammi Herenichi gave an updated report of the operational matrix of the station and the security policies regarding the forward motion of the project.
We are excited about the new developments that has presented itself surrounding Melanated Community Radio. 

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