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Another Exciting time in the Saturday Meeting

Ursula returned to Bangor and wasted no time laying out future plans for Melanated Community Radio Global. New policies are to be created regarding programming and audio clarity to help define what is expected of hosts, station managers, controllers, and directors.
"It should be clear that we're serious about the journey" Ursula said in her presentation regarding the forward movement of acquiring host for the platform. She also said "we've seen it before, the threats against us by archaic belief systems intended to frighten us into submission it's never worked in the past and will not work in the future and played back a recorded conversation between David and a former station manger saying "and you know I practice VooDoo" and him saying "I don't give a fuck if you practice Nike Shoe. That has absolutely nothing to do with what we're doing." Ursula went on to declare war on all those that impede the progress of MCR by violating policy for personal fame. This is not about individuals but the collective of a people. The offers we make is for building individuals and communities, not a star search for a savior. "We must redefine our matrix, it must be followed at all times, and we must not sway from the course if we are to complete the journey."
Stephen took the floor with the Marketing and response reports. He reported increased sales for Rattler Publishing works (The Season Series) and (Nightmares) but said the numbers fall short with MCR. But added, that's not due to the lack of a market, but due to the lack of participation from hosts, station managers and directors in the program.
David then made a motion to severely cut the program for MCR merchandising by saying "After three years its time to change directions." It appears, like with Ursula, he's wasting no time with the ax on MCR Programs.
William took the floor with MCR Studio reports. "I don't know what the problem is. We're not talking about sound, but submission of files. It's like pulling teeth, and frankly my arms are getting tired. Program files should contain (Program Name, Title name, Episode  number, but they contain none of that. We have one in the box that just says (interview) and Studio Tech have no idea what that is, something's got to change." Then he asked if Ursula and Nasrene could implement some sort of requirement for all flies submitted to the MCR Project.
Nasrene replied "lay out what you need and it'll get done."
When asked for a report of the Cultural Music Department the only thing I could say is "There's always hope things would pick up, but in case they don't I'am prepared to cut dramatically the program and focus on more productive avenues in the art world."
Rattler Publishing and Gemini along with Shunyata Limited are still planning a special three year anniversary event in July in which they inviting the former program host to come an celebrate the three year milestone. Invitations has of not has not been sent. More details on that as they become available.
It seems going into this fourth year there is going to be major changes as Rattler Publishing moves to a more no tolerant atmosphere regarding MCR. It could be an environment that could quickly turn toxic for people that can't seem to understand the true purpose and fast motion of MCR-Global which operates in concert with Rattler Publishing's Lock-Step Matrix. .       

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