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Breaking News An indeffinate Band on Marketing and Promoting on Facebook Social Media Platform

I received a text from Rattler Publishing High Command an instant policy change is in effect. David Rattler CEO of Rattler Publishing Global has issued a standing order of indefinite full stop on marketing MCR material on the facebook platform.
It appears that Rattler Publishing has had suspicions about the social media platform and the intended security threats directored at the MCR Platform for a while now, and tonight David decided to move on the Gemini Intel recommendations to discontinue involvement with the social media platform regarding scheduling programs, promotions, and official MCR-Global and anything else Rattler Publishing deems as a security threat to MCR, Gemini, and the Cultural Music Department. It is unclear if Rattler Publishing will move more aggressively on the cyber-threats that trace back to the social media platforms.
More on this as it develops.

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