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It's Good to be back

For everyone that have waited patiently for the return; the wait is over. Melanated Community Radio is back and moving forward toward the next evolution of advance sustainability. Studio A has been expanded to accommodate emerging entertainment technologies and we're excited about the changes and look forward to growing and building on the basic principles of MCR.
There are several changes Station Manager and Executive directors should be made aware of in regards to new how and upcoming programs. A complete update of rules and requirements will be mailed to you in the following days.
The MCR-Studio's are completely integrated into the Gemini automation platform. No longer will files be accepted by studio techs, instead the system will catalog the incoming media and place it in the various program folders assigned to the host. This free's up technician and managers from task that should be completed by the program host.
Applications for Host will no longer be mailed out in the normal way. The system will send, track and receive incoming request. This eliminates altered forms returning to Gemini and Rattler Publishing.
This is just a few things that has been employed by Rattler Publishing, Gemini, and Sunyata Limited.

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