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New Beginnings and Ominous Warnings

A couple of months ago David agreed with Najia Group that Melanated Community Radio should maintain its forward motion on the pathway of advance innovations and technologies and ordered the platform be redesigned which would provide expansion for growth. In the meantime the station would be solely ran by Melanated Community Radio-Caribbean.
The New system came on line Monday night of almost three months of redesign and is going through its week of testing.
New upgrades include, a complete redesign of the MCR-Studio, advance technologies regarding run time matrix, the global community, the e-learning center, complete with classrooms and interactive instructions manuals. and meeting room for staff meetings. It'll take a year to add all the new features to the platform, but Rattler Publishing, Gemini, and Sunyata Limited has a positive out look for the future.
Saturday we discussed the possibilities and probabilities of the MCR Project and although all three companies remain hopeful but with pessimistic undertones in the closing of the meeting David said "Although we have to travel up hill, and although faith in them finding absolute logic is waning; we go forward into the dawn with more options of success by our design."
The room was quite for a long moment as I think everyone felt the underlining chill of his words and knew it could as well come down to that.
David also asked Stephen Crichton to closely watch the numbers as they come in and to advise Ursula of the speed of the forwardness of the new pathway. "I just don't have faith the indoctrinated will find enlightenment of self in our life spand."
Again the room was silent as we all knew what he meant.  There is a lot of issues we as people of colour has to face, overcoming the effect of a history imposed on us by other is to recognize a different reality of who we are, not who they say we are, in other words until people of colour here in the US develop a culture of their own and stop trying to find a culture in their enemies religious ideology they will continue to be the lost people claiming to to something their not; and it not going to matter to ears that can not hear a different truth.
The meeting dismissed with a sad undertone of that reality; but, we must realize that no God in the African or any other Pantheon can save a people that refused to realize who they are and where they come from in the collective not the individual.    

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