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We're Back in operation

We're back to full operations after a long outage. In the past two months we've redesigned the Melanated Community Radio Studio. We've expanded the infrastructure, new recording tracks, advanced mixers, and added better noise chambers. We're excited about this new venture and look forward to working with various artists and upcoming artists.
There has been several inquiries regarding the MCR Project and please be patience as we catch up on the operational matrix of the program.
In other news, last night after a late meeting at the Gemini Building at around 2008EST an inebriated driver ran a red light and struck the back fender well of the Sadan carrying Senior Executive  Nasrene Muhammad and the front fender well of the trail SUV.
Ms. Muhammad was rushed to Eastern Maine Medical. Ms. Thankfully Muhammad only suffered a bruised hip and is in the office this morning.
By Policy David wasn't in the Sadan; as stated he can not ride in the same car as Ms. Muhammad on official business and at the time he and Susan was just leaving the Gemini building when the accident occurred; they arrived at the intersection moments later. Rattler Publishing has launched an investigation into the incident.  

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