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On the Rattler Publishing floor

This morning during the Saturday meeting the topic discussed was rebuilding MCR after the downtime of redesigning. Ursula suggested a different format of submission since it's clear to her host are not understanding the how to submit files to the studio. She went on to say files are to be submitted a certain way or the system will not accept it, but it clear this is not being done and files are all over the place and the studio isn't allowed access.
Nasrene agreed its time consuming to have to search for file and extremely flustrating for studio technician to create go around's just to make run time schedules. And she suggested a secure login designed for each host which should cut down on host trying to hacks the system by placing flies on other folders.
 Having just gotten back from Bar Harbor the night before David was quite and said very little during the meeting but agreed with both Nasrene and Ursula regarding submission flies.
Stephen inquired about the forward motion of the building economic policy and was assured by Ursula it had not caused an overage of the budget and there is no investment other than the community gardens part.
I think everyone is nervous regarding the first annual meeting this year in Montreal. As David and Nasrene both has threatened to cut MCR funding by 59.6%. which would reduce it's operational budget down to the bear minimal. Only stream fees and boarder tax would be permitted from the budget. The progress of MCR hangs in the balance of the Montreal meeting this November.
Starting November 1st all executives must began to submit yearly reports of their projects the latest date for submission is set for November 10th. No reports will be accepted after midnight November 10th 2019.     

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